Solving Environmental Challenges
Our innovative approach concurrently addresses several environmental challenges:

  • REC's waste–to–energy facilities will extend the useful life of landfills, leading to a reduction in water and soil pollution.
  • REC's facilities will generate energy from MSW, biomass, red bag medical waste and scrap tires using a proven pyrolysis process that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • REC facilities will produce electricity, carbon black and cleaner burning low sulfur diesel fuel which will help reduce air pollution and carbon emissions.

Zero Waste
Recycled Energy's zero waste facilities represent the highest level of environmental stewardship.

  • REC facilities mimic the natural carbon cycle. Waste materials introduced to our clean conversion centers are processed in a closed loop system, breaking down components to their molecular level with zero emissions, capturing carbon and producing energy and other valuable products; reducing the need for raw fossil fuels.
  • The ash generated by REC facilities will be sold for profit to concrete, block or brick companies.
  • Steel recovered from recycled tires will be sold to steel manufacturers for reuse.

Economic Benefits
REC's targeted communities may have suffered job losses from various industry moves and economic downturns. Chosen communities will benefit from the creation of new jobs and increased tax revenues.