Recycled Energy Corporation (REC) facilities implement proven technologies provided by technology partners who have already demonstrated technical success.

Proven Pyrolysis Conversion Technology
The pyrolysis technology chosen by REC has been used commercially in Japan for more than 15 years. The conversion process is tightly controlled, and uses no oxygen and employs a closed loop system to convert waste to energy. Because the technology produces zero water emissions and near zero air emissions, air quality permits are not required for some applications.

Each REC waste to energy conversion center will be capable of generating its own power by diverting 12% of the fuel produced in order to be self-perpetuating, or tapping into the electric grid in order to heat the pyrolytic chamber. External fuel combustion is the source of the only real emissions. REC will apply a commercially available scrubber in order to mitigate those – truly meeting the Zero-Emissions standard.

Pyrolysis Explained
Pyrolysis occurs in a sealed vessel which is devoid of oxygen and heated from the outside. When heated in the vessel, waste materials de-polymerize – the molecules forming the waste detach from each other to produce syngas, which has properties similar to natural gas. The gasses created by this controlled heating and de-polymerization of waste materials are condensed into fuel. The solids are separated into carbon black and recovered metals.

REC’s environmentally responsible process introduces feedstock through an airlock into a closed loop system. The carbon black, recovered metals and fuel exit the pyrolysis system through airlocks and valves which prevent oxygen from entering the vessel. Non-condensable gasses re-circulate through the system, causing further feedstock de-polymerization and aiding fuel formation. REC's tightly controlled zero oxygen environment prevents the formation of dioxins, furans and other harmful compounds – a significant advantage over gasification and incineration.

Recycle, Reuse and Recapture
REC's technology relies on continually reprocessing the feedstock to ensure that the maximum energy output is achieved in the production of clean syngas which will be converted to electricity and to fuel.

Other technologies available for implementation include catalyst depolymerization; water treatment and filtration.

Commercial 25 Ton per Day
Continuous Feed Pyrolysis System